John Kennedy said, "

The rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened.” 
This is true.  

High Tech Crime and Terrorism has found its way to Texas. Technology has advanced at such an alarming rate. So, fast that we have let our guards down and forget that with advancements in technology there are advancements in technologically based crime.


In the past we only had to worry about protecting our identity, our computers, our financial information etc. We now have a new threat that possesses the capability to expand further than just our computers. Criminal organizations are now using energy weapons to commit discreet acts of terrorism in the City of Houston. No one is talking about it because they are afraid. As Americans fear is not an option and its about time we start acting like it.


High Tech criminals can victimize you in a number of ways with these modern criiminal cyber abilities.  Radar technology allows long range images and sound to be obtained and it is difficult to detect. These criminals can hack your cell phone,  high jack the broadcast signals for you television and radio. They have recently been using their energy weapon to design formations in the sky line using an energy weapon or frequency device. Though this may be amusing to some, this indicates that these criminals are bold. These criminals can also commit criminal acts of voyeurism (watching people in their natural environment is worth big bucks on the black market) remotely and they are operating a cyber sexual exploitation ring of women and children as commidities.  They are allows peddling visual feed of anyone in their home.  


This new phase of cyber crime is happening now. 



These criminals are not only committing these crimes for profit, but for amusement and other perversions.  These criminals are remotely exploitating of women, children  but only because we are allowing them to get away with this! We think this problem is going to go away!

Be aware that technology is not just cell phones, internet connections and gps devices. Technology is far more developed than that!


We have biometrics, transhumanism movements, energy weapons, sonic weapons, laser technology, augmented reality, radar technology and the list goes on.


Virtually anything that has network access, a code, requires an update, uses radio frequencies etc,  can be accessed by the correct cybercriminal.  These are just a few common ways that high criminals can terrorize you, harass you and stalk you.


We have laws in place that protect us  from the listed  types of crimes. These laws may not eliminate the crime entirely but they reduce it, decrease it and impose penalties when they are broken. Laws also create awareness, so that we can develop better methods to protect our privacy, our families and our money from these threats.


We use to only have to worry about OUR THINGS, we now have to worry about PROTECTING OUR LIVES from high tech criminal terrorist organizations that want to violate our privacy, our bodies & our minds.

What am I talking about???

Energy Weapons , or "electromagnetic devices" are considered non-lethal but can be extremely dangerous. For instances, The Active Denial System is used by the military for crowd control.  It operates in stealth (invisible to the naked eye, think about the signals your computer or cell or television uses. Just because you can not see your signals does not mean your devices does not connect). It operates at the speed of light, uses energy (frequencies, pulses), to penetrate the human body and immobilize an individual remotely. It burns the skin,can impact all brain and body functions. Tactile lasers, Free Electron Lasers and other Direct Energy Weapons and have the ability when the resonance is turned into the earths ionosphere to channel audio frequencies. This means these types of devices can make any environment into a two way radio. Scary.

A Criminal Organization that refers to themselves as the "Cyber Mafia"  is using energy weapons, committing federal violations by high jacking broadcast systems for  television, radio and eavesdropping and transmitting audio using some advanced technology in the City of Houston.   This organization seems to think they OWN this city and Houston Police Department. 


We need to fight back. We have to start talking about this problem and figure out a collective way to address it.


We need a law making it illegal to construct, develop, possess or use any Electromagnetic Device , designed to emit or radiate an electronic or electromagnetic pulse, current, beam, signal, or microwave that is intended to cause harm to others or cause damage to, destroy, or disrupt any electronic or telecommunications system or device, including, but not limited to, a computer, computer network, or computer system or cause bodily harm with it. This law will protects us.  It protects our privacy, protects our families, and protects our community. We need stricted penalties for CYBER CRIME. It has transformed and we are not prepared.

We not only have worry about protecting our identities from criminal hackers turned terrorist, we now have to worry about protecting our lives, our families, our futures and our children.

We have one of the largest states in the United States and a booming economy. We must now began to introduce laws that protect the direction we are growing in and encourage a zero-tolerance for these  types of crimes.

In 2004, Michigan passed a law (Michigan: House Bill 4513) which makes it illegal to use a harmful electronic or electromagnetic device, biological device, telecommunication system. We must do the same!



   The cloud formations were made by the high tech criminal organization, who is going by the name "Cyber Mafia". They are using some type of energy weapon in the City of Houston. These weapon have long range capabilities (for far away distances). They can X-RAY any dwelling (see thru your home and body). They operate similar to and as fast as internet connection speeds (extremely fast). They are capable of locking on to your coordinates (like military radar or sonar systems). They are dangerous. As these criminals are commiting criminal acts of sexual exploitation of women and children. They are sales images, visuals, the rights to manipulate peoples lives and assault people via energy devices.



If these criminals have the capability to make formations in the clouds what do you suppose they can do down here on earth to us (refer to my burn marks)? This is not only a matter of national security but these criminals have an extensive history of violating HUMAN RIGHTS. 


If we leave this threat unchecked, what do you suppose they will do next? If they have radar, sonar technology that they can high jack television and radio broadcast systems undetected; have advance hacking caoabilities, an indepth understanding of acoustic technology, lasers, radio waves, radio frequency  and energy weapons  - the question should be what won't they be able to do next! I am a concerned citizen because I know what these sexual predators, computer criminals, street gang turn cyber criminals members and other that are affliated with this "Cyber Mafia" will do and are capable of. 


You would never want to experience what I have. These indiivduals have the benefits of remaining anonymous, not just violating our privacy but now can sale pay-for-preview shows to our lives, minor children and then attack us with some weapon we can not see (because it operates on the end of the light spectrum) but one that is extremely painful (refer to the photos up top). 


  Any "markings" (burns) that you see were caused by the Organized Criminal Terrorist group, that is using an Energy Weapon.. These individuals have likened themselves to a modern day version of, “Illuminati” – This is possible with technology, skill , a few wealthy investors, some criminal connections  and a disregard for human life and freedom. They have a device that operates at the speed of light, operates in stealth, can penetrate the human body non lethally, it can produce extreme pain by burning (or heating ) the skin without breaking it and more importantly is capable of directing frequencies that are emitted in any environment as a weapon toward their victim.

These domestic terrorist are dangerous. The device they have should not be in their hands, nor in the hands others. The future possibility that accompany electromagnetic devices and energy weapons are frighten, especially considering what these people do to me. I pray that someone  helps me get some changes made and we find the people that are responsible for this. This does not only affect me.  It affects you too! It affects your children. It affects our future. 


Contact a policy maker, government affliate or Human Rights organization!

Please note: That I will update this soon. Additionally,I need your support & prayers.

Know that the overall goal is to:

1.) Get an agency to investigate and find these criminals (This transnational criminal syndicate) seems to think they can go around committing these crimes because they are doing it via computers & other forms of technology targeting those that can't fight back ( like me, for many years - I was scared and alone). I want them to fuck with a UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT ENTITY (FEDS, HOMELAND SECURITY, CIA, SS-someone- ).

They have to have challenger-- SO JUMP IN ANY TIME USA - I cant hold them off much longer. I am praying that you help me. 

2.) Save my life and my freedom.

3. )I want to create awareness and help others.

4.) These individuals have to go to prison. 


You have no authorizaition to duplicate or use anything on this site or any of my other sites without my written permission. 


Direct energy weapons have been used by the military for many years. These weapons dispense varying forms of energy & light (manufactured & natural)  that is present all around us (visible and invisble).  

 Click diagram below of NASAs breakdown of the Electromagnetic Spectrum to find out more. 

Baby Vulture
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My face
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Smilely made in the clouds
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A little pig
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Tkn 5/13 (Research Cosmetic RadioFrq
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Between my Breast
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Eye Brows
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I have not edited any of these photos, aside from enlarging, lightening or darkening color, contrast, saturation etc. I do this to make some images clear. I usually use my cell phone camera.  For skeptics, I am trying to save my life and my community. THIS A PROBLEM THAT AFFECTS US ALL. I know what these criminals can and will do! You do not want to experience one second of what I have endured the last 5 years. 

Non-Lethal Energy Weapons or Electromagnetic weapons have the ability to penetrate the human body without killing the individual but can cause significant damage to an individuals internal organs after prolonged exposure to several forms of energy on the electromagnetic spectrum. Things such as: skin discoloration, extreme pain, cancer, organ failure and even death is possible.


Energy Weapons emit various forms of energy (please click the NASA site above with information on the electromagnetic spectrum). For example, ultraviolet energy (please refer to the pic above of the area between my breast. I woke up and I had a sunburn between my breast and no where else).  Just because we cannot see these forms of energy with our naked eyes, it does not mean they do not exist.  Invisible light is present all around us. Devices like spectrographs and spectrometers allow us to view it or calculate numbers that validates its resence.


Some bio-effects of electromagnetic (radiation) weapons include  localized physical pain (e.g. headaches or joint pain), difficulty breathing, noise running, vertigo, incontinence, nausea, disorientation, or other systemic discomfort. Electromagnetic radiation weapons can cause cumulative damage to the human body. Electromagnetic weapons can affect the human nervous system.

Millimeter-wave pulses can affect the epidermis (skin) and dermis.

Check out the videos of the burn marks made by the criminal organization with an energy weapon remotely. I did not make any of those marks myself. Impossible.

My blog is being hacked. Check periodically. I checked to see if other blogs were down on but they were working fine. This is an isolated case. 

A dead cow
A dead cow

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Letter F
Letter F

The Houston Police Department said they did not see this one.

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A dead cow
A dead cow

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This website was made before I knew what was happening  - (apologize for not updating it sooner). Before I knew htc were using lasers/sasers and free space systems (which are energy weapons in all regards). Note that one strategy used by these htc criminals has been the circulation of misinformation or terms to aid them in preventing the crime from being addressed.   Consider this before and this one:  after research .